VIDEO: L&HH Star Rasheeda's Mom Cursed Out By Fans For Not Taking A Pic!

If you are a fan of L&HH ATL, you know all about Rasheeda and her CUTE store, Pressed. As with any business owner, they most of the time have family members who help out especially when it's a small shop..employees are most of the time close family/friends..and it's no different with our girl Rasheeda! Who we see she often has her mom and daughter running things in the shop. Apparently some fans stopped by and saw Rasheeda's mom was on the clock in the shop, and asked if she could take a picture with them. Rasheeda's mom politely declined, and that's when all hell broke loose..and the fans started running their mouths as if Rasheeda's mom was somehow OBLIGATED to take a picture with fans or something.


She even tried to compromise, saying if they bought something from the store she would take a picture with them..but apparently that made things even worse. Check out the video below.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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