K.D. Surprises Bay Area Students, Pays For Their First Year Of College!

Kevin Durant is killin it in the bay area on AND off the field as he is personally paying for four kids' college tuition their first year in school! KD first became involved with the local Boys & Girls club in June 2017 and he's sending four of his mentees from the B&GC to college! Imagine what a relief it is to have your first year of school paid for, and by KEVIN DURANT! He is so dope for this!


According to CNBC, the reveal happened while KD was serving as a judge during the Boys & Girls Club's annual Youth of the Year competition. He was SO impressed with Alysia Demery, Desmond Fraiser, Magali Pineda and Joselin Quinteros, that he offered to cover the first year of college for all of them!

"I grew up in a similar situation," Durant said to ESPN. "They are four kids that have been through so much already in their short lives and to be able to get up the next day and keep pushing, keep trucking, I was very proud just to get to meet them."

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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