Young Thug Revealed Him & Future Have Each Other's Names Tattooed

Okay first of all I'd like to say that I thought finding a picture of Future and Young Thug together was going to be difficult..but then I went on Young Thug's Instagram and LITERALLY every other picture on his whole entire page is of him & Future lmao like c' that bae or naw? CUZ IT LOOK LIKE BAE. AND the whole name tattoo thing?? We gotta get to the bottom of this...are there pictures? Because if there's pictures of this I think I speak on behalf of EVERYONE when I say we need to see these LOL! UNLESS....unless it's in an area we don't need to see..then we can take your word for it LOL


Young Thug recently had a sit down with Spotify, and that's when he revealed "Man, me and this n***a got each other’s names tatted on us. That’s how we feel. It’s forever," Okay, a little creepy, but okay.

Look. I get it. We're allowed to be close to other people and have best friends and all that. They're both from Atlanta. Have made plenty of music pun intended..kind of..they have a whole mixtape together and YES they're really good friends...did they have to get each other's names tattooed on them? LOL Like I don't even have my own son's name on me, and THAT'S forever. lol (also I just don't have any tattoos so there's that.)

Also the amount of pictures of the two of them together on Young Thug's page was a little alarming and made me raise the question...couuulllldd they beee....????


I mean it's totally cool if y'all are. No judgement here.


Also, throwing in this picture just for fun. lmao


What do you think about them having each other's name's on them??

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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