Blac Chyna No Long Getting The Big Bucks For Club Appearances

Good thing Blac Chyna is getting that child support check from Tyga & Rob..because she allegedly is having some trouble getting booked for club appearances at her usual rate. Word on the street is that nobody cares about booking her anymore for any club appearances ever since she ditched the Kardashian connection (when she was dating Rob), and especially now that she has this 18 year old tagging a long every where with's really hurting her pockets! Chyna's 30th birthday is rolling around next week, and she recently made an announcement to promoters that she's available for club bookings, walk throughs, etc...but it's not looking good for her. 

No Kardashian Klout? No Kash! Ouch.


Ever since her huge break up with Rob Kardashian her value is PLUMMETED. No wonder her schedule is wide open. 

She went from being booked $30k per now STRUGGLING to land a $7k gig. One promoter said he “wouldn’t pay her a penny more than $5k because Chyna without Rob is like Sonny without Cher.” Another top promoter in Miami said “the max he’d shell out is $2k because she’s not relevant anymore.”

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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