This Girl Slid In Michael B. Jordan's DM's & IT WORKED!

Everyone meet Slyvia Wilson A.K.A. THE GOAT! lol

She one day found out that famous (AND FINE OMG) actor, Michael B. Jordan, was on her campus shooting for Creed II. She slid into his DM's asking if she could buy him a smoothie in exchange for a photo..she mentioned she would've opted for a drink or something since that's the normal thing to do but it was really hot so she thought he'd like a smoothie instead lol..he didn't respond right away. :(

“But then my notifications went off and that's when I saw the DM," she told E News. She continued, "I was like, 'Oh my goodness!' And just started freaking out, he was really nice about everything! He was like, 'Hey you don't have to get me a smoothie just come and take pictures.' But my friends were going to take pictures as well and he was like, 'You guys can all come together as a group.’" 


Let me just say. I blew up his Twitter notifications with nothing but thirst and he ignored me. :( So, I for one, and extremely jealous that this worked for her....BECAUSE IT'S NOT EASY! LOL

She's not the only one he flicked it up with..apparently he's SUPER nice & sweet, and took some photos with other fans too!


LOVE YOU M. Marry me? I your work! ;)

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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