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LISTEN: Kanye West Dropped Some New Music Over The Weekend...

Kanye West has been getting major media attention recently following his pro-Trump tweets & pics..and as you can imagine it's not really any type of positive attention as he's left many wondering, "WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM."

He's lost his mind. He's stuck in the sunken place. Kim is ruining him. He needs mental help. He's clearly unstable. He's never been able to get back to his old self since he lost his mom. This isn't really Kanye this is a clone.

The comments about what's been happening lately are all over the place..and we still really can't comprehend what or why he's doing what he's doing...but maybe this isn't for us to understand.

Is this how he really feels? Maybe. Is this just a publicity stunt? Possibly.

Either way, he's lost a ton of fans and even a huge chunk of social media following ever since he's come out as "pro 45"

Over the weekend he released two new records, "Ye vs. the People (starring TI as the People)" and "Lift Yourself", and it was on Friday night I heard a snippet of "Life Yourself", and I literally thought it was a Kanye spoof. I thought it was a joke. There's no way this could be a real song, a real Kanye song at that. It was Saturday night I realized.. "Oh sh*t, that wasn't a spoof that was a REAL song..."

I can't help but laugh...first of all WTF does it mean. and WTF are you talking about LOL

If you haven't heard the scoopity poop, click play below.

Happy Monday.

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