Woman's Makeup Review Goes Viral After It Lasted Through Her Car Accident

An ER nurse in LA by the name of Shelby Pagan was hit by a car while stranded roadside about 9 months ago or so, and aside from everyone sending her well wishes..people also took the time to point out that her eye liner looked FLAWLESS in her hospital selfie she posted lol (these kinds of things are important to us women lmao)..so then realized well she HAD to leave a review of this car accident proof liner she was wearing.

It has since gone viral. & her review worked. It's actually convinced some people to want to try this indestructible Kat Von D tattoo eye liner..myself included (no shame).


The official Kat Von D instagram page even posted her review on their social! *click/swipe below*


A couple other women who were also in accidents while coincidentally wearing the liner also shared their accident selfies, co-signing Shelby's review..that this is, in fact, accident-proof liner..and can live through anything without smearing or smudging.


So glad these ladies are doing okay and were able to share their fierce liner secrets! LOL

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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