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Jersey Shore Is Replacing Sammi With A Sex Doll For The Reunion

Do you guys remember that old reality show Jersey Shore? Fist pumping? Snooki? 


The cast is all grown up now with their own lives but will soon be reuniting on our televisions again for the Jersey Shore reunion season. All EXCEPT for one cast member, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola. She was one of the more timid cast members and dating a fellow cast member, Ronnie.

She decided to opt out of the reunion because "she's in a different place in her life than she was during the first run of the show." Understandable, Sammi.

Producers, however, weren't going to let the show go on without her. Sure she won't physically be a part of the reunion, but she's still going to be there. Kind of.

So they couldn't get the REAL Sammi to come out and replace her..they decided to bring in a sex doll. LMAO! & not your average blow up sex doll..they went all out and dropped over $1.5k to make Sammi as real as possible.

The owner of was approached by producers to try to create an exact replica of Sammi specifically for the reunion. However, creating an exact carbon copy of Sammi's face was a no go since there wasn't enough time for all of that....BUT they did get the doll in time for filming. LOL

She's 5'5, comes with two different female heads who's faces look similar to Sammi, 4 wigs, they went all out. Total cost? $1,840.

Sex doll Sammi will make her debut in the first episode.

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