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Officers Involved In Alton Sterling MURDER Won't Be Charged

I'll never forget watching the horrifying cell phone video that was released. July 2016. Watching Alton Sterling take his last few breaths as I hold back the tears. Another black man, murdered at the hands of police. MURDERED. ON VIDEO. 

We've heard this before. We've heard this story plenty of times. It keeps happening. It won't stop..and his killers are walking free. They always walk free. His killers won't be charged. I don't know what's more upsetting here...that his killers are walking free, or that I'm not surprised his killers are walking free.

The officer put a gun to Alton Sterling's head and threatened to execute him right then and there.

And he did.

90 seconds later Sterling was murdered. Shot multiple times in the chest and back.

But no charges.

The family of Alton Sterling says officials put a "killer back on the street", and the fight for justice is not over! 

We hope Sterling and his family get the justice and closure they so desperately need. This is heart breaking.

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