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Nashville Area Producer Lands A Billboard Top 10 Hit With DRAKE!

We all know the song and we know the dance, but did you know that the man who produced Bloccboy JB/Drake's "Look Alive" is a 21 year old senior at MTSU?

Tay Keith, originally from Memphis and currently a senior at MTSU, is only 21 and already has a Billboard Top 10 hit in his hands.

"Look Alive" has been sitting pretty in the Billboard Top 10 for 4 straight weeks now, and it's going to keep climbing!

Tay Keith and BlocBoy JB were actually childhood friends, and now they're making music dope is that?

"Drake had reached out to me, and we was in contact for a couple weeks. I was cooking him up some beats and sending them over, and he was picking the beats he liked. I guess that was the one that he wanted to make history with." Tay Keith said in an interview with The Fader.

And that's how "Look Alive" was born.

His goal for the year? "I want to go platinum," he said in his interview with The Fader, "I need me a platinum plaque on the wall. I'll put it in my momma house. My momma love it, I talk to her all the time. I actually just got her a new house. For the grind, for me to come up — she been there supporting me, my father too. I’ve got to repay them."


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