Charlotte Hair Stylist Used Her Viral Mugshot To Promote Her Business

Check this girl out! #HairByShia :)


Her mugshot recently went viral after she retweeted it from her local PD's twitter account with the hashtag #BraidsByShia. She said she knew the police department was going to try to do her dirty, so she decided to turn a negative into a positive and promote her hair styling business!

Looks like things worked out in her favor..because not only is she gorgeous, her box braids are on fleek..and she is booked and busy!

Here's her story..

"I keep getting asked to do interviews and tell my story. Lol now y’all know me. This I funny to me bc A Lame Had me arrested. Jumped and beat on. Snatched my kid. Turned our phones off and got missing took the car we shared and moved out an apt by myself. I had the roughest month of my life and this is how I started my new year. Now let me tell y’all how God works. I thought I should take my pic with my braids bc I knew the Charlotte mugshot page was gonna do me dirty lol. So I said fuck it. Ima retweet it and shout out my braids. Now I’m getting asked to do interviews. Give my story. Tell how I turned my negative to positive. THIS IS HOW. Walk in the truth. Stay true to who you are. You thought I was tripping off what you did to me. I knew you were trying to break me. I knew you were trying to hurt me and you wanted to see me in jail. Well guess what baby? Thank you 😘. Frfr bc of you and your lame assness. Deposits are rolling in. New clients. New reach of people. New support and most of all. I wasn’t broken. I stood up tall and proud and I held my head high bc I wasn’t ashamed of shit. I let my work speak for itself and I let my God work for me! We turning lemons to lemonade all year baby. #SecureTheBag2018@hairbyshia #HairbyShia #BraidsByShia"



Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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