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Fetty's New BM, Alexis Skyy, Has Given Birth To Baby Wap #8!

It's always scary to give birth as early as Alexis Skyy has..she was only 6 months along! 

I believe her and rapper Fetty Wap dated briefly, if at all, before she revealed at the Love & Hip Hop LA reunion that she was pregnant, and it was later revealed that she was pregnant by FETTY. Which of course stirred up a nice story line...I mean drama...between her and co-star Masika, who also has a daughter by Fetty and the two already don't like eachother.

*sips tea*

Her water broke a few nights ago and she went straight to the hospital, where Fetty stayed with her, until she gave birth via c-section just last night. Bringing in a new baby girl, Alayia M, prematurely, and weighing just over 1 pound. However, reports say that she is healthy, stable, and doing fine on her own..she, of course, must remain in NICU until she can go home. 

We're happy to hear her and the baby are doing just fine!

But this isn't over for Fetty Wap...although Alexis just popped out baby number 8...EIGHT....TWO MORE THAN 6...he still has another baby on the way. His other baby mama, Lezhae, is still pregnant with what will be their second child together, and she should be due soon as well.

I don't wanna act like children aren't a blessing or anything...but c'mon Fetty...let's close up shop at #9. 

Lock it up.

Get snipped.

Do something.

Find a hobby.

Enough is enough. LMAO

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