VIDEO: XXXtentacion Goes In On The Migos For Jumping Him

While Migos have been sitting quietly, XXXtentacion has been spilling the tea all over his social media. First letting everyone know before the media got a hold of the story/video that he had gotten JUMPED by all three members of the Migos..check out the videos below that were snagged from his Instagram story.


Shortly after, a video of the alleged fight leaked. Although we can't clearly see any faces..they say that the man on the ground on his back is XXXtentacion, and the two throwing jabs are the Migos. You may be wonder why there's only two men jumping him when Migos has three members, right?

Keep scrolling for video of the third member, Take Off, literally taking off. Running away from the altercation. In pink pants.


The pink pants are completely irrelevant....but still funny to point out. LOL


XXXtentacion continues to post and take shots at the Migos (see below) in multiple post and deletes.


Only to find out that the Migos didn't actually jump him. He got jumped by some Migos look-a-likes. We're not sure if these men in "Migo Gang" chains even have any real connection to the Migos...but XXX did own up to his mistake and apologized to the crew on Instagram in a comment on one of the member's pages..''From the Bottom of my heart I apologize to you, you only caught in the cross fire of your blood line, blessings."

WOOPS! All is forgiven right? LOL

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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