While The Weeknd Tours, Girlfriend Selena Gomez Spends Time With Her Ex


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, or as fans remember them.."Jelena", spend a full day together yesterday..from morning to night.


Pics surfaced of the two of them out and about..it looks like they attended a church service together after grabbing a bite to eat at Joi Cafe in Westlake Village. They left together and later in the evening Justin pulled up where they spent some alone time together inside Selena's crib.


Over the summer Selena, who is battling lupus, had gotten a kidney transplant. She kept the surgery under wraps until maybe a few months ago when she shared a picture on Instagram. That's when Justin became worried and concerned and reached out and they've kept in touch ever since, more than before.

You may be wondering how Selena's current boyfriend, singer The Weeknd, feels about her hanging around an ex?

Especially since he's on tour and all that, he's got to be on edge right? I mean Selena and Justin spend ALL DAY together yesterday..yesterday The Weeknd was all the way across the country as he performed in Nashville just last night (amazing show btw lol). Jelena dated for so long, what if they accidentally reignite an old flame? Well..actually The Weeknd is cool with it. Sources say that he understands they have a friendship and that they do keep in touch and talk. I guess things are all good!

But according to TMZ, there's certainly a lot of smoke.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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