Jamie Foxx Under Fire For Pretending To Do Sign Language On Tonight Show


Nyle DiMarco is not laughing at Jamie Foxx‘s brand of comedy sign language. In fact, the model and Dancing With the Stars season 22 champ is speaking up on what he considers to be flagrantly insensitive behavior from the Beat Shazam host. During some promos for Foxx’s then upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show, the comedian provided some fake sign language as host Jimmy Fallon did the mini-ad. DiMarco, who is deaf, shared the promotional spot on Twitter and expressed frustration with how that gag still gets play in 2017. DiMarco tweeted, “.@iamjamiefoxx, It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language. Everything is in gibberish." DiMarco expanded on his thoughts in a later statement and emphasized that Foxx’s actions are the sort of thing that makes things needlessly difficult for the hearing impaired.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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