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Latina High Schooler Goes Viral For "Accidentally" Breaking Classmates Racist Pottery Art

Meet Brigitte Yasamin, a 17 year old high school student in Washington State.

One day, while in her ceramics class, she noticed a student next to her painting a ceramic box with the design of the confederate flag.

After tweeting about what she was witnessing, she tweeted a photo of the broken box on the floor with the caption "Oooppsss".

Looks like she got a little "clumsy" and "accidentally" broke her classmates box.

Brigitte expressed she has no regrets nor does she have any sympathy for racists.

She didn't get in trouble with her teacher because, after all, "accidents" happen.... she did tweet the following which is now deleted..

"I deadass gave the driest "oops sorry" and she was like "it's ok"lmao The teacher didn't even trip she was like "it happens"

"The "worst" thing that can happen is that I get suspended I'll happily take that lol"

"They're probably gonna call the girl up too and tell me to apologize... nope I'm going to educate her about her "views""

Twitter had some mixed reactions about what Brigitte had done..

People even sent out screen shots of them reporting her to ICE!

To which she replied..

We're not all illegal. OMG SURPRISING RIGHT?!!

Many people also came to the defense of 17 year old Latina Brigitte, and I'd like to also co-sign, retweet, share, & repost ALLLLLADAT!

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