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Teen Wears Custom Dress To Prom With The Faces Of Black Police Brutality Victims Designed On It

This is Milan Bolden-Morris, a 17 year old student out of West Palm Beach, Florida. She, just like every other girl, was getting ready and making plans for her school's prom..she was planning on wearing a beautiful red dress with lots of sequins, but she quickly changed her mind with no hesitation when designer, Terrence Torrence, came to her with his original design.

Torrence told BuzzFeed News that he met with Bolden-Morris along with her mom and told them his vision for the prom dress. "God was just like she’s the girl for this dress," he said.

Terrence, who's been designing for 15 years, said the idea came to him last year to do a dress with all the faces of the black men, women, and children who lost their lives at the hands of cops around the country.

It took him 3 days to create the dress, which is made of "beaded lace" and "scuba material".

The custom gown includes several familiar faces on it, including Trayvon Martin, who we can see front and center; Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and many others. Torrence estimated that there were about 15 faces on the dress. He wanted to add more, but had to "cut it down."

"If I could put everybody on there, I’d probably still be adding people on, it’s sad to say," he said.

The reaction and response from Terrence's dress online was overwhelmingly positive! Everyone loved his vision and his message.

Pictures of the dress really took off and went viral, being posted all over pages like The Shade Room, CNN, & even reposted by Snoop Dogg!

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