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An Arrest Has Been Made In The Kidnapping & Murder Of Christina Williams!

Christina Williams.

Ring a bell?

She is the 13 year old seaside teen who vanished while walking her dog on June 12, 1998. After 7 months of searching and searching for Christina, her skeletal remains were found in a thick brush not far from where she disappeared. FBI agents and local officers worked around the clock to find her killer, but no arrest were ever made, and this became one of the biggest unsolved murder cases in Monterey County history.

That changed on Thursday.

A man by the name of Charles Holifield, a now 56 year old convicted rapist and kidnapper, has been arrested for the kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of Christina Williams. 

"There is strong DNA evidence. There was a DNA match. I'm not going to go any deeper. All of this will come out in court," DA Dean Flippo said.

If Holifield is convicted of these charges against him, he would be eligible for the death penalty.


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