Angela Simmons has had quite a ride in her 26 years and she’s opening up to "Vibe Vixen" about what it’s like to hold your own in a famous family.

“I was spoiled growing up, but I’m not a brat. Brats cry for what they want, they don’t work for it,” she said.

“AngelaIAM came about because there are so many different elements of me, and I like to share with people who follow me, so I needed a home for all of it, to be able to sell these products. So people could get their hands on the things that I wear or the products that I like. It’s kind of like a boutique.”

So far, it seems Angela has learned a lot from her father, Rev Run, and her uncle, Russell Simmons, about how to build an empire.

“Being a boss means really knowing what teamwork is,” she said.

“I don’t believe anyone can get to a vision or goal alone.”

She also explained that her hosting gig on 106th & Park wasn’t weird even though she held court alongside her ex, Bow Wow. 

“We’re like best friends so that was super fun. I’ve known Bow Wow for nearly ten years so it wasn’t weird, it was normal,” she said. “We’ve literally watched each other grow up.”

Aside from her long list of aspirations, Angela is hoping to return to reality television as well.

“That is definitely in the works. If all goes well, hopefully, you guys will see something really soon,” she said.

Despite all the perks of growing up in the spotlight, Angela is aware of the downsides too.

“I don’t like when people are so negative and quick to judge the people they feel are on a pedestal. That’s a downside to being in the spotlight. You have to deal with people constantly poking at you or how you look,” she said.

“It’s always something. But that comes with fame. As long as you have thick enough skin, you’re fine. I prefer not to go on blogs, but if they’re commenting on my Instagram, of course I am going to see it. The best thing to do is ignore it.”

While some kids can’t wait to get out of the house and run wild, Angela says her biggest rebellion so far has been making it on her own.

“My most rebellious moment was going out and doing things on my own without the help of my family,” she said.

“I’m living in that moment now and I don’t know if it’s so rebellious—it’s just being myself and not apologizing for it.”