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Porter Robinson fans have been waiting for the producer to finally release his album for quite some time, and now he's given them some hope it's coming soon. He released a 10 hour video to announce his album, Worlds - that's right: 10 HOURS.

Back in the summer, we had a chance to chat with Porter at Tomorrowland in Belgium, and he told us a little bit about working on his album. He told us, "I would say the focus is left of center alternative music-inspired kind of lo-fi ish, but still loud and dancy and pretty album." He went on to say, "I wanna make music that makes you feel something, and that’s what this album is all about. And hopefully people will be into it, if not, I still feel strongly that it’s the best music I’ve made so far, and hopefully it’ll resonate with the people who listen to my music."

The announcement video certainly gives off that "left of center"-kind-of-vibe. It starts off with some emotional, slow music, panning over some mountains, until cutting off into an "emergency" message. The duration of the video is simply flashes of the emoticon above, and graphics of animals, a hand, and more - all while the word "WORLDS" is repeated.

If you have 10 spare hours, check it out below!  

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