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Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld resident Yves V has had an eventful summer. He played three sets during each festival (even the party flight!), hosted his own V Sessions stage at Tomorrowland, and has also been busy in the studio!

We caught up with Yves V at TomorrowWorld where he talked about being a festival resident, the highlight of his summer, and new music on the way. Check it out below:

You're playing three times this weekend, and you played three times at Tomorrowland too. How do you prepare for something like that?

It's actually, it's really difficult, because if you play three days after each other, it's really difficult to find music, enough. But most of my preparation is going [to] my set for the main stage.  Actually my set her at Smash the House, and at  Tomorrowland it was my own stage V Sessions, I don't prepare anything actually, only my intro, and from there on, I just play what I want, because it works that way.

You performed at Dreamville, you're performing on the main stage, and you're performing on the Smash the House vs. Dirty Dutch stage. What are you looking forward to the most?

The Main Stage is always special because that's the stage that everyone knows from the after movie, and the feeling over there, you can't describe it. It's really crazy.  At Tomorrowland, I enjoyed every set.  Even if I play for a club for 200 people, it can be a really good set. The Main Stage, it’s legendary, but I'm excited for all my sets. On Sunday, I play a b2b set  with Belgian DJ Regi, so yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun. And all my friends are there, Dimitri, Mike. So yeah, pure fun.

Tell us about "That Big" with Blasterjaxx? How did you get hooked up with them?

Yeah, the track's going very well, actually.  We are in the top ten, I think. The guys are young guys from Holland, but yeah, for the moment, they are big hype.  They also have a track with Hardwell  now. But yeah, getting a lot of support from almost all the big names on their tracks so they're very happy. Actually, they mailed me, I think, a year ago, just started with some promos, and they asked me to do a collab, and I said yes! A few months later, we had "That Big." I'm very happy about that track, but I have a lot of releases coming up, so ...

[Buy "That Big" on Beatport]

You also have a collab with Sander van Doorn too called "Direct Dizko?"

Actually it's a remake.  It's a classic song from, I don't know, 10/15 years ago maybe. It was really fun to do. My intention was to bring it like a bootleg or something, but, yeah, Sander is going to release it on his own label, Doorn Records so I am very happy with that.  And yeah, it works really well.  It's a really hard beat, the kick, yeah.

How was it working with Sander?

Yeah, very nice.  Sander actually is a guy like, ten years ago, I was already watching him when he was playing. So for me, it's an honor to work with someone like that. So, I'm very excited for that release.  But there's no date, so I don't know when the release is going to be.

You've had such a busy summer and a busy year.  You've been at all these major festivals. What has been the highlight for you?

Yeah, for me, because I am the resident of Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland is always special. Because it's like, 20 minutes driving [distance] from my place, so all my friends, everyone that I know is there. I live in Belgium. But besides that, yeah so many good, good festivals, also a lot of nice clubs I did.  Guaba, it's a small club in Cyprus. That was really crazy, crazy, crazy.  That's the only word that I have for that club. It was an amazing time. They're all really laid back, they love the music, they love the DJs, it's a very positive atmosphere over there, and that's what I really like.  Also, the interaction with the crowd, for me, that's very important.

What's next for you? What are you working on right now?

In October, I have a track being released on Armada. Yeah, it's Mell Tierra, a Dutch guy.  I have a track coming up on Wall Recordings from Afrojack together with D-wayne. Yeah, three tracks on Doorn Records.  Actually so many coming up.  We're working on track with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, but I think that’s going to be something for next year.

Do you do a lot of producing on the road?

Actually, no. Last summer, July/August , most of my sets were in Europe. So then during the week,  I have time to go home and do my work there. Because on the road, that doesn't work that well for me.  I only do my radio shows and, like mash-ups on the road, but that's it.  Real producing on the road, that's not for me.

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