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Rapper Chief Keef will have to find a new place to live after being evicted from his Highland Park, Illinois home. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lake County Sheriff deputies showed up at the mansion Chief Keef rented to evict the rapper. 

Apparently, Chief Keef had failed to keep up with his rent payments, at one point owing about $30,000.  He had agreed to pay back the full amount by April, but last month an eviction order was filed. 

Chief Keef is already searching for a new home.  On Instagram, he posted footage from an empty home with the caption "Lookin for Houses." 

While officers on the scene confirmed the eviction, the mansion's owner, Bal K. Bansal, claims Chief Keef was not evicted.  Instead, he said the move was "mutual" and that he plans to sell the home in the next few weeks.  He also praised Chief Keef as a good tenant, a claim at least one neighbor disagrees with.  Neighbor Ken Cooper calls Cozart's stay "horrible," adding "they were certainly not good tenants." 

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